House Rules

  1. Please toilet your dog before entering the indoor training area. A $50 cleaning fee will be imposed if your dog soils the artificial turf

  2. If your dog fouls on the turf, please spray with disinfectant immediately; use poo bags to pick up the deposit

  3. Bitches in season are not allowed on the premises

  4. Please keep dogs well apart to avoid confrontations

  5. All dogs must be under leash control or crated when not their turn to run

  6. All incidents of dog attacks must be reported immediately and the incident must be recorded in the Incident Report book

  7. Everybody entering the training grounds must wear sensible shoes; shoes with studs that can damage the turf are not permitted

  8. For safety, handlers must not let their dogs run on the equipment without permission

  9. All dogs using these premises must have current vaccinations and be on flea/tick preventives

  10. A vaccination certificate must be presented during registration for classes or equipment usage (complimentary or paid)

  11. Please leave the venue clean and clear of rubbish after your session – do not drop/leave any bits of treats or food on the floor

  12. Due care must be taken when using the equipment, which must be in the same condition at the end of your session as when you started your session

  13. Dogs are not allowed upstairs or in the carpeted areas of the building

  14. All persons and dogs use this venue at their own risk.

  15. Performance Dog reserves the right to reject bookings without giving any reason