The new improved version, which we spent a long time redesigning, features a custom-made metal base which can now be split into the following combinations to accomodate both 2x2 or channel weave training methods. This 12 pole set can to be used as either:

1) a 12 pole set of full straight weaves (ANKC spacing)*
2) a 12 pole set of channel weaves*
3) NEW: TWO sets of 6 channel weaves each (can also be used as straight weaves)*
4) NEW: THREE sets of 2x2 weaves + ONE set of 6 weaves* *see photos for combinations*

The spacing between the plastic poles are made to ANKC specifications. The set comes with metal pegs to secure the base to the ground and two carry bags.

Each set cost A$250, excluding shipping. Collection can be arranged during training days at Action Dogs and Frankston Dog Obedience Dog. If you send us your address, we can provide you with a quotation for shipping.

Agility Weave Set (Metal base)