daisy peel 

Daisy Peel is known worldwide as a leading instructor and competitor in the sport of dog agility. She has represented the USA internationally at the FCI World Championships, European Open Championships, Crufts, and the World Agility Open.


She placed individually at the European Open and FCI World Championships, and is a WAO World Champion.


Daisy has represented the USA on the world agility stage with three different dogs, and is on the 2018 USA World Agility Championship team with her border collie, Frodo.


Her training is positive and play-motivation based, with lots of trick training right from the start!!

Jump Training (2 half-days)

Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 February

Taught over 2 half-days, this seminar teaches mechanical skills for the dog including slice jumping, reading spacing between obstacles, collection mechanics, wrapping, etc. Successful agility dogs need to have a strong desire to jump clean, based on a solid history of positive reinforcement for doing so. Good jumping need not be an accident! Help your dog be a confident teammate by giving it the jumping education needed for a successful agility career.


Open to dogs over 1.5 years old. In addition, dogs attending should be old enough physically and mentally to jump full height. They should have some history of training (clicker training, treats, etc.) and be able to do some sequencing, even if it's just with wings because they haven't started jump training yet.

Landing Side Approaches (2 half-days)

Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 February

This 2 half-day seminar covers tunnel discriminations, ‘back sides’ on jumps, and threadles. The first half day will focus on foundation training, the second half day on proofing and handling and common scenarios. A landing side approach is any situation where your dog is presented with the landing (or wrong) side of the obstacle, and must instead pass by the obstacle before taking it 'from the backside'. This common scenario is one that requires special consideration for your dog, particularly on jumps, as the jumping effort is often complex and can be difficult to execute. Help your dog be fully informed about the jumping effort and the task required as early as possible with Daisy's training method for pulls and pushes to the backside of jumps in situations where the dog has a landing side approach.

Prerequisites: Open to dogs already competing. In addition, dogs attending should be sequencing obstacles. Intermediate handlers and dogs are probably better prepared for the work but novice teams are fine as well. Just so long as the dogs have at least some of the basics in terms of running a course!! They should be coming on an empty stomach with treats and a clicker, since this is at least partly training, and then some handling sequences. 

Basic Handling (half-day)

Monday 25 Feb

Help your dog better understand your cues on sequences common to Novice and Excellent level courses. Body language for clear and concise handling will be emphasized in this session; rear crosses, front crosses, and blind crosses will all be addressed. Landing side approaches (or backsides) will be addressed in their own sessions.


Open to dogs over 9 months old.

Advanced Handling (half-day)

Friday 22 Feb

Precision handling and sequencing skills for Masters level dogs.


Open to dogs competing at Masters level.

Motivation and Play (half-day)

Friday 22 Feb

Work is play is work! A great agility dog can switch back and forth between toys and food, and between different toys as necessary. They can leave or go after food or toys as indicated by the handler. Toy play, use of food as a reinforcement, impulse control, chase games, and more are the focus of this workshop.

A lot of issues with competing dogs can be made better with this workshop. Part of motivation, drive, focus, and play is impulse control, so Daisy will definitely hit on that, and she says those who try to keep their dogs calm in order to avoid these issues often make it worse!!


Open to dogs over 9 months old